One of the first things you will learn about Melbourne is how coffee is more than just a delicious way to wake up in the morning. In this city, coffee is an important part of life and people consider it as the lifeblood of Melbourne. So it’s no surprise that you will find coffee shops in every corner of Fairfield.

Are you ready to on a happy caffeine adventure in the neighbourhood? It’s also a good idea to inform yourself about the ideal shops in the area. Make your trip a lot easier with this helpful guide to eight of the best coffee houses in Fairfield.

  1. Harvest Foodstore

If you prefer to enjoy your coffee with a freshly made meal and healthy snacks, then Harvest Foodstoreis the perfect spot for you. The shop has a special café with delectable dishes. You will also find a food store where you can purchase locally sourced organic fruit and vegetables as well as meat, dairy and groceries.

The café is ideally located on Fairfield’s Station Street and offers a wide selection of seasonal meals using locally sourced products. They also cater to a broad range of dietary requirements, with vegan, sugar-free and dairy-free options. Make sure to try their homemade pastries and smoothies, and don’t forget to get a cup of coffee.

  1. Three Locals

Don’t skip breakfast simply because you’ve overslept. Three Locals has an all-day breakfast menu that features seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The café also caters to a range of dietary requirements so you’re sure to find delectable vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Three Locals is an excellent spot for coffee, brunch, and lunch but they can also cater to special occasions. The venue can host functions with up to 120 people. Their friendly and accommodating staff will help you plan any cocktail party, engagement, birthday party, baby shower, wedding or corporate function. Make sure to visit them at Fairfield today.

  1. Fifteen Pounds

Looking for a quick snack for you and your kids at Railway Place? Fifteen Pounds has yummy burgers and croissants you can get on the go. You’re also sure to enjoy the light meals and satisfying toasties while the children can dig into the kid’s menu.

If you’re looking for a hearty meal, Fifteen Pounds also has your back. Choose between the classic breakfast dishes, bagels, burritos, and sandwiches then wash it all down with some exceptionally good coffee. This is one café that you must visit whenever you are in Fairfield.

  1. Bean Counter Cafe

When in Fairfield, do what the locals do. That means getting premium coffee and a scrumptious meal at Bean Counter Café. Established in 2007, the shop is a major landmark in Railway Place and has been serving delicious coffee and quality food for many years. Sit back and enjoy some DiBella premium coffee while choosing from the breakfast and lunch menus.

Bean Counter Café has been chosen as one of the top 100 coffee destinations by Melbourne Coffee Review so satisfaction is guaranteed. The family-friendly location also welcomes dogs and is accessible to bikes and wheelchairs to make it a part of your Fairfield visit.

  1. Oasis

Hungry for Mediterranean fare? Oasis offers authentic Middle Eastern-inspired dishes that will tantalise your taste buds. Opt for a satisfying breakfast or build your own plate with available proteins and salads. Complete your meal with some house-made chai or a rich cup of Lebanese coffee.

The entire family will find something to enjoy at Oasis. Whether you are sitting down for a hearty meal, shopping for groceries, or ordering a takeaway dinner pack, Oasis is an important stop whenever you’re in Fairfield.

  1. Nikos Fairfield

If you have a taste for cakes, let your sweet tooth guide you to Nikos Fairfield. The café originally delighted Oakleigh residents and now they are bringing sweetness to Fairfield. You can also enjoy delectable dishes from the all-day brunch and dinner menus, and have a taste of Greek coffee culture.

Nikos Fairfield offers uniquely beautiful and delicious cakes for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a centrepiece for baby showers, christenings, birthdays, weddings, or just need a sweet treat, the Greek cake specialist has something yummy for you.

  1. Kathisma Greek Restaurant

Get the taste of an authentic Greek deli along Station Street. Kathisma Greek Restaurant, formerly known as Una Fazza Una Razza, offers a wide array of Mediterranean dishes and can cater to your dietary requirements. Whether you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan menu, you will find something sumptuous to tuck into. You can also top it off with authentic Greek coffee.

Whenever you’re in Fairfield, make it a point to visit Kathisma Greek Restaurant. It’s the perfect place that will give you a taste of Greece without leaving Melbourne.

  1. Café Pantheon

If you’re on the hunt for sweet and savoury treats in Fairfield, there is no better place to go than Café Pantheon. The café is known for its delectable pastries that can be paired with strong, revitalising coffee. It is also home to the popular Pantheon Cakes that has been making Melbourne events extra special with their gorgeous and yummy creations.

Café Pantheon also has scrumptious sandwiches and savoury snacks if you have had your fill of sweet treats. But who are we kidding? You will never get enough of the cakes and pastries in this shop. The entire family will always want to drop by this café when you head for Station Street.

However you like your coffee, you will always find the perfect café that will cater to your taste. Make sure to visit all these coffee shops for a caffeine and food adventure that can only be experienced in Fairfield,

Coffee is truly an important part of life when you’re in Melbourne. Immerse yourself in the unique and rejuvenating coffee culture when you are in the neighbourhood. Just remember that Fairfield always pairs an excellent cup of cappuccino or Americano with delicious food and a welcoming service so you’re sure to feel right at home.