Free Wifi Service

Free public WiFi is available in Station Street, Fairfield

Darebin City Council offers free WiFi in Station Street, Fairfield, as part of a Council-wide program for residents and visitors to Darebin. So next time you’re out and about, you will be able to browse social media webpages or even read your emails whilst you enjoy outdoor shopping or relaxing over a latte.  Local traders can help you log on or refer to the Darebin City Council website on how to access this free service.

Instructions on how to access our Free Wi-Fi service

  • Turn on Wi-Fi

  • Select “Free Darebin Wi-Fi” (in Preston, Fairfield and Reservoir) or “Darebin Free Wi-Fi” (in Northcote and Westgarth) and connect

  • Click on your internet browser from your menu page and select “sign in to Wi-Fi” when prompted

  • Accept the terms and conditions

  • Enjoy free Wi-Fi

If you have problems accessing the service and need help, there are service technicians available, call: 1300 765 543.

This free Wi-Fi service has been made available to you by Darebin City Council with the assistance of business owners and operators in the coverage areas and with the assistance of our industry partners Infrastructure Logic and Easyweb Digital.

If you would like to know how you can use the services to market your product or service, contact Darebin’s Business Development team on 8470 8344 or Click Here for our Frequently Asked Questions sheet that may further assist you with your enquires.