A day of curiosity where we will settle into the experience of what it is to be embodied, and explore how we can use these states to find ease and flow in our body and in our lives.
Where: 121 Station St, Fairfield VIC 3078, Australia
When: Saturday, June 24, 2023, 10am – 3pm
Inspired by my patients’ requests to take a deeper dive into what they experience and learn in the treatment room, participants will gain tools and knowledge that can be applied in the rest of your world.
Participants will walk away with a new expanded perspective, a deeper experience of themselves and tools and embodied knowledge to continue their healing, both with or without a practitioner present.
The day will include:
– Education and discussion of embodied states and your self-healing nature
– Guided experiences to deepen and expand perception of self and health
– Discussion of Somatic-psycho-emotional interplay
– Movement and meditation practices to support integration and healing